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This is what NOSRAM stands for since the beginnings in the early 80`s.

NOSRAM, an originally UK based manufacturer, was founded in 1984 by Nick Marson in Worcester, UK. At the time, mechnical speed controls were still commonly used and NOSRAM was at the forefront of electronic speed control design. As a racer at heart, NOSRAM founder Nick Marson was dedicated to develop and manufacture ultimate racing products. This spirit still lives on today in every NOSRAM product.

Today NOSRAM is a brand of the Lautenbach Racing Products GmbH.

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The winning history of the state of the art NOSRAM speed controls and chargers was established in th

4 days ago

🎱 Finally available - 40/30 mm NOSRAM Aluminium High Rev. Motor Fans #901837/#901830 and matching Conveyor Ducts #901990/901991 🎱Tested extensively by our team drivers worldwide, the new direct mount Aluminium High Rev. Motor Fans in 40mm #901837 / 30mm #901830 and matching Conveyor Ducts #901990/901991, are now available!The new high performance aluminium fans are the heart of the NOSRAM fan series.Developed in Europe, using our proprietary fan blade design, combined with specially wound motors for extremely high RPM, they offer maximum thrust and a stylish, classy, full black NOSRAM look. Screws and full black extension wire included.The matching Conveyor Ducts with integrated Venturi duct direct the airflow directly to the motor to further improve cooling.Available soon at your favourite dealer!Maximum cooling for maximum performance!!!#nosram#blackisback#rccompetitionproducts#twobrandsonemission#rcandme ... See MoreSee Less
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🎱 NEW • NOSRAM Promotionals • NEW 🎱Show flag for the brand • NOSRAM Promotionals are now available!Our new NOSRAM Decal Sheets are pre-cut, laminated for protection, made from lightweight material and available as:#92421 • Logo Decal Sheet 2 XL Size A4#a001405 • Logo Decal Sheet 1 XSIn addition check out our new #990000 • NOSRAM PVC Banner 300x90cmAvailable soon at your favourite dealer.#nosram#blackisback#rccompetitionproducts#twobrandsonemission#rcandme ... See MoreSee Less
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